Conference and banquet rooms

All our daylight conference rooms are equipped with modern technique.

They can be varied individually from rooms for smaller teams up to large representative conference halls.

Crystal Room

  Our Crystal Room is the most variable conference and banquet room with direct access to the inner patio of the Schloss Hotel. Besides being perfectly equipped with all the technique required, we can guarantee optimum light because two of its outside walls are made of glass from floor to ceiling. two outside walls.

Olevianus Room

  Our Olevianus Room provides ideal conditions for an undisturbed and successful communication during your conference.

Numerous variations of chair arrangements provide the possibility for conferences and seminars of every kind. Coffee breaks and snack buffets can be arranged in the room without disturbing the ongoing event.

Rooms Nassau and Oranien

  They are rather like one-egged twins: you can mistake one for the other since they only differ slightly in size. Ideal for the classic seminar with chairs in U-form. Professionally equipped - conference technique is partly integrated - direct access to the inner patio which gives participants the necessary rest and recuperation during coffee breaks.

English Room and Herborn Room

  Just ideal for your business meeting.

You will obtain maximum results when intensive team work is required.


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