You are only as good-looking as you feel – that is why we at the Schloss Hotel Herborn do our outmost to make you feel good – body, soul and spirit united. In our new wellness area we have created exactly the environment to make you feel good and at ease with yourself.

We invite you to forget the stress and strain of everyday life for a while.
Find peace and gather new strength for upcoming tasks.

We let ancient Graeco-Romans be our guide and thus the heated walls, floors and rest areas reflect the cosy warmth you are looking for.

Add the smell of etheric oils to get rid of stress and strain.

Enjoy the heat of our Finnish sauna (90°). Relax in the atmosphere of the cosy warm temperature of our roman steam bath because only some like it hot: at 43 – 48° at 100% humidity you find ideal conditions for a thorough and well-being relaxation.

Get the healthy feeling under your skin and find out how your breathing organs will improve too.

Find rest between the individual sauna sessions in our friendly and welcoming restroom.

“Beauty grows best in a relaxed and merry atmosphere”. Give us chance to spoil you and also to take the advice and care of a professional beauty specialist.

We will only be too pleased to inform you about all our possibilities to make you feel good.





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